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Deer Stalking Packages

One of the most traditional and exquisite forms of shooting in the history of the UK is that of deer stalking, from Red Stags to Roe Bucks and now ever increasingly the introduced pest species such as Muntjac, Chinese Water Deer and Sika – one can find extremely enjoyable sport often at very competitive rates.

Deer stalking is physically demanding, mentally difficult and requires a great deal of patience and skill, hailed as one of the most rewarding types of fieldsport, available to a wide range of individuals with varying prices depending on choice of species and forms of trips!

With the most specific and highly sought after stalking in the Scottish Highlands, where trips during the rut (and other times of the year also) can be organised, there is also a great deal of opportunity in other parts of the UK as well. With contacts all over the UK, the continent and in New Zealand.

Oliver will tailor your stalking experience for you no matter how small or large, whether it be shooting stags in Scotland with a ghillie, to shooting stags in New Zealand out of a helicopter in the Pureora Forest. He will ensure every moment of your trip is as bespoke and memorable as the moment of taking the animal itself.

Enquire here with details of the sort of stalking trip you would like to organise through the Cornish Sporting Agency.

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Package Enquiry Form

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